Thursday, January 31, 2008

Roosting Robin

Having no luck at all posting a piccy of my roosting robin center to the R/R blog. No luck sending e-mail to Cinzia to post it either, am going to give loading it to this blog a try, clicking on the little icon doesn't seem to work but going through the customize button does.

The center for my Roosting Robin is very small at only 8.5" x 10" but will fit nicely on my sewing room wall.
Had a very interesting start to the day, woke just before dawn to see a snake about 4' off to the side. Not a peep out of the so called "Guard" dogs. Corralled the dogs, woke Hubby, and just generally tried to get myself thinking straight, I kept asking G, how? keeping in mind that the last time we had a snake in the house we managed to loose it under the internal stairs, we had called the snakecatcher but by the time he got there, snake was gone and we never saw it again. This was definitely a different snake, not as big, only about 6/7'.
Anyway, by the time we got back out, G with broom firmly in hand, the snake had climbed up on some dining chairs, it was lying along 2 chains on one side of the table and crossed over to the other side, across a chair and was coming up the oposite side of the table, investigating the table top, thats how come I reckon on the length of it. I poked a box at its head to discourage it from getting onto the table, heck who knew where it would go from there?, we were both talking at the same time so comunication was a bit slow, what with me poking at its head and G poking it with the broom the poor thing curled its body up onto one chair. Perfect!, .....a quick grab of the chair back, scooted it across the sunroom, flipped the front chair legs up and over the step and scooted the whole shebang across the back deck. Wish I had got a piccy, the one in my mind of him is kind of cute, all curled up on the chair with his tail hanging down and his little face leaning into the breeze, and believe me, at the rate I was travelling, there was a breeze. Turned tail and G shut the doors real fast. The snake slid off the chair and went under the wheeled storage box, kept putting his head out but eventually just curled up underneath.
Called John the snake catcher, he came and collected and will release the snake into the bush, a long way from here!
Then spent the morning making hearts and managed to mix up the requests, found out quite by chance just before leaving for the P.O.. Sometimes there are angels around.
Am a bit over sewing, will now concentrate on the Menu for Saturday's Late Lunch, having Sis and her family and hopefully Middle son and his family up for lunch/dinner on Sat.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Buderim Falls

With all the rain we have been having the local falls are looking rather pretty. Eldest Son and New Bride visited on Saturday to try out for him, a new lens and for her, a new camera, everyone seems to have been bitten by the digital SLR bug. It's quite a steep hike to the falls so I wisely stayed at home.
This is an earlier photo, with all the rain recently there is even more water coming over the falls.
The time was easily spent working some more on my center for the Roosting Robin, somehow there seems to be a shortage of leaves, there were plenty when I first laid it out, I guess too many blew onto the floor and got swept up by the Shitzu, probably all over the yard by now. Will try to do some creative quilting on it through the week and solve the leaf problem, maybe some leaf shaped beads?.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Finally, a home for my new Janome 6500P

Friday was a bit of a disappointing day, missed the Sunshine Coast GTG, the torrential rain and fog on the road to Caboolture was so bad I could barely see the car in front, I couldn't face the double journey so stayed put in Caboolture, maybe next GTG.
I got a Janome 6500P for Christmas, pressy from Greg, (happy dance) that was 18 days ago. As the bed in my sewing table wasn't long enough for the 6500 it needed modifying and this morning I decided that I had waited long enough for help, it took a while but I eventually succeded in enlarging the bed and installing Hal, short for Hallelujah, yes I have been hankering after this machine for quite a while now.
While I was at it I cleaned out a few drawers and shelves. Also got rid of a couple of storage boxes off the floor, still a few under the table but what else do you do with that empty space. Still need to sort out the metal shelving unit but that is for another day, along with book sorting.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What an adventuresome couple of days . Not quite the worst but the most time consuming happening that was we got home from the factory to find the Shitzu had managed to get into a bottle of Nurofen, there were chewed tablets everywhere......Short story, rushed all of them off to the Vets, they were all injected to make them be sick and the vomit had to be examined by the Vet for pill bits and pieces. We were an emergency admittance and the surgery was packed with clients, so at times the staff were a bit stretched. Guess who got to hold the basins under the little doggy chins and wipe mouths, gives a new meaning to the words puppy love. Daily injections for 2 of them and you probably don't want to know the rest, but as it is raining here - again - still - and doggies do not want an audience when they poop, and droppings have to be viewed, it has been a bit of a wander around the yard. O.K. that is 3 lousy things in a very short space of time so now I am done. Happy news and happenings can rest here.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A new challenge

Joined an internet group's "Roosting Robin", similar to a quilting round robin but you do your own quilt..probably a good idea for some (moi). It has pushed me to start my own challenge myself to achieve more, or as the DIL says, "Grow a bigger Life", she is an expert on that topic with getting her licence and hubby buying her a car - Mazda 3 I think, sporty little number and suddenly that girl is all go. go. go.
Hubby is into his 3rd week of recovery from a Mitral valve repair, very scarry to us but just a "run of the mill op" for the surgeon so I am driving him to work for a few hours a day, as the trip is 30 - 40 mins its not worth going home so I stay in town. Today while waiting I walked around the beautiful lakes created around the local river. I took lots of piccies, I will post a couple of the geese and ducks when I work out how.