Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A new challenge

Joined an internet group's "Roosting Robin", similar to a quilting round robin but you do your own quilt..probably a good idea for some (moi). It has pushed me to start my own blog.......to challenge myself to achieve more, or as the DIL says, "Grow a bigger Life", she is an expert on that topic with getting her licence and hubby buying her a car - Mazda 3 I think, sporty little number and suddenly that girl is all go. go. go.
Hubby is into his 3rd week of recovery from a Mitral valve repair, very scarry to us but just a "run of the mill op" for the surgeon so I am driving him to work for a few hours a day, as the trip is 30 - 40 mins its not worth going home so I stay in town. Today while waiting I walked around the beautiful lakes created around the local river. I took lots of piccies, I will post a couple of the geese and ducks when I work out how.

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