Thursday, January 10, 2008

What an adventuresome couple of days . Not quite the worst but the most time consuming happening that was we got home from the factory to find the Shitzu had managed to get into a bottle of Nurofen, there were chewed tablets everywhere......Short story, rushed all of them off to the Vets, they were all injected to make them be sick and the vomit had to be examined by the Vet for pill bits and pieces. We were an emergency admittance and the surgery was packed with clients, so at times the staff were a bit stretched. Guess who got to hold the basins under the little doggy chins and wipe mouths, gives a new meaning to the words puppy love. Daily injections for 2 of them and you probably don't want to know the rest, but as it is raining here - again - still - and doggies do not want an audience when they poop, and droppings have to be viewed, it has been a bit of a wander around the yard. O.K. that is 3 lousy things in a very short space of time so now I am done. Happy news and happenings can rest here.

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