Monday, February 25, 2008

A Busy end of week

Lots of quilting for the last of the week,finished another 6 HoH blocks, assembled the top with 1st. Border. Now have to choose border style and fabrics.

1st border on my Roosting Robin, not really happy with the 3 colours in the border, one being too dark but driving not a good idea, so made do, am still to do the quilting on the center, better get a move on.

Finished Grandson's quilt, will have that to him next weekend.This was inspired by a quilt that Helen had in her shop, just the right idea to extend a small amount of pictorial fabric into a quilt top. In the meantime Grandie has moved on from Snowboarders to Pirates. Such is Life.

Gardener came Thursday, still doesn't want to do work as asked, always with the excuses, that boy should wake up that he is on a short leash, if I have to be out in the sun to weed, betcha boots I will start doing it at night and do the rest as well and poof, no more job.

Beautiful Bird of Paradise Flowers, Front Yard S&S's Home

Lunch on Sat with some long term friends from Melb, up on Hols, sadly she is fighting a breast cancer battle, very positive attitude but still scared. Had her first Chemo. 3 weeks ago and hair is starting to fall. Flew home on Sun for another bout of Chemo. will be back next month, have promised lots of girly lunches and a trip to "Gusto", a fabulous Noosa Restaurant.

C phoned, looking for a favourite pair of shorts he had asked me to mend.....again....I'll be there in 20 he says, arghhh, where were they, how to mend? how to mend and keep them looking respectable! remembered the fake mends on grandies new jeans, went for that look and was reasonably successful, finished and waiting by the time C arrived. He has new girl, a NICE girl he tells us, Oh please let it be so, they were off to the beach for Fish and Chips with a nice bottle of chilled champers. Lovely.

Cupcakes and Biccies, an amazing take on the old favourite, Anzacs, with Crasins, Apricots, Almonds and a heavy dose of Cinnamon - YUM

Sun, up early, really early, baked cupcakes and biccies for arvo tea with the Grandies and support team. Barely home and they called, want to come back for Pizza? - Why not. S had bought the most amazing apron, paid $60 for it, a real cutie but I ask you $60 for an apron, S wants me to make some for her friends, sure, can do but "you have to choose the fabric" These things are only as cute as the fabrics used.

The boys have a re-vamp on their toy room, lots of toys culled, and they have to pick up behind themselves, finish with a toy, put it away, seems to be working but not sure for how long.

Great Wall Storage from Ikea

and a Pirate flag in front of the Air-Con

What flavour ice-cream? Here you are, a nice choc chip peppermint

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