Thursday, February 21, 2008

Heart of Heartford

After having got the wrong end of the stick..yep again, when in doubt don't read, just jump right in..........I ended up with 6 blue and white, 10" Hope of Hartford blocks, wadda ya do with 6 blocks?, well obviously you make 6 more and turn them into a quilt, and in the spirit of "Thou shalt not start without finishing another WIP in the year 2008", I have to forge ahead and finish this quilt, problem being their isn't any more fabric to be had in the right shade of pale blue, so, after listening to suggestions I narrowed it down to the same block (HoH) with different colours, BUT, did I want a different colour scheme or same subtle, blue on blue scheme. Well I've gone for the same dark and white with the pale script fabric in the center. This should produce a very subtle if not boring little quilt, time will tell.

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