Friday, February 8, 2008

A Late Christmas

We put Christmas on hold this year because of G's surgery. so we had a christmas gathering last Sat. , some of the family couldn't make it so there will be another day in the near future. There were 12 of us with 6 dogs who got rather excited and went racing through the house hotly pursued by 3 grandies, thankfully they all soon tired themselves out with Miss. M having a well earned rest on the couch, here she is with her "please don't tell Mum I'm on the couch" look.

Princess Miss. L was regal in her purple princess frock, please note attendant to the side.

The youngest munchkin was ever so pleased with himself in his new cap and with a new 4x4 and trailer toy to boot.

I kept the food simple for a change, with a wonderful roast lamb dish from "falling Cloudberries" by Tessa Kiros that could be put on to roast well before hand and a layered Chicken Salad with a creamy light dressing holding the center stage

The potatoes are cooked in with the lamb and soak up the wonderful flavours from the oregano, lemon juice and olive oil

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