Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lucky Me,

was browsing the net, looking at MP3 players, one in particular that had been recommended by a quilter, G knowing I have very little patience for the techno world, offered to do some research on the technical side for me, just getting my head around the way things work sometimes (most times) gives me the willy wallies, so he wanted something I could use easily. Anyway the upshot is:-
Meet my new toy!!!

It is very sleek and stylish, a samsung T10 and on its function screens, there is a cute little black and white dog, called of all things, Sammy, I reckon that is why G bought it for me, a toy called Sammy to go with my black and white dog Sammy, whom I love dearly, (I must do to put up with her current widdling illness).
I have been listening to Alex Andersons Podcasts all week, its the only way to clean house, next step is to download some music and a podiobook or two
Walked the yard before the rains came (again), the little garden man was here yesterday so all is looking spiffy, took a few piccies of flowers and leaves.

G decided that it was time to wash down the house, so out with the pressure jet thingy, and voila, beautiful shinny house. Oh, yeah, and I did the windows, listening to Alex of course!

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