Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday lunch was a hoot

with an uninvited guest, after a morning of shop - shop - shopping we stopped off for lunch at a cute french patisserie in Chermside shopping center, we ordered 2 quiche and salad, and 2 mug-a-chinos and got 2 mocca-chinos and a visitor in Sis's salad.

Unfortunately I ate my salad first so its not known if I also had any extra protein, probably not, I always miss out. boo hoo.

Somehow or other I think we had a safer day than this chap, caught on his way into the Nursery office for a hard days yakka missing those chair wheels.

Just had to take a pic of the front of this eatery, also at Chermside, untried by us but the mosiac is brilliant, the pearly white tiles shimmer as you walk by and the light focus changes.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back on Track

..with a Lorraine Carthew impressionistic landscape, a 2 day workshop, on 15th & 16th., learnt a lot and had a wonderful time, I had all the wrong shades of greens so need to find more of the type used in the workshop, can't wait to finish my landscape.

This is a pic of the quilts Lorraine bought along to inspire us

Of course a better pic is on Lorraines website:
Learnt that I don't see the real colours in front of me, so am taking a leaf from the photograpy pod that I have been listening to and spend time, lots of time, standing still and taking pics of the area around me, then matching the colours of what I have taken to paint chips.
Finished Grandsons Snowboarder quilt, but didn't manage to get a good pic. This is one that Grandson 2 - aged 31/2 took. Boy doesn't that shake up the ego, but at least it shows the colours as true, he was taking a pic of "oggie" the dog, and this was in the background.
This is the best of a bad bunch, bits of lumpy furry creatures and all.Easter was busy, busy, Grandies and Support Team for dinner Friday night, (Fish and Chips - of course - and all the trimmings with Salad.

Sis and F for Dinner on Sat with surprise visit from Eldest Son and New Bride, up to take pics of the wreck of S.S.Dicky, funnily enough, on Dicky Beach. Was planing a frittata for lunch sunday, so did mountains of roast vegetables, how lucky was that!

The Easter Fair at the cottage seemed to be a roaring success, Grandie 1 went along for company and parted me from quite a few $'s. He bought an exquisite jewelery pouch, worked lace insert and Hardanger with pearls and a crystal and pearl tassel for his Mum for Mothers Day, plant for his Dad and comics for his brother, not to mention his own loot.

Have made 12 x 10.5'" black log cabin blocks and assembled them, somehow or other the top is slightly (1/2") longer than width. Huh? these are supposed to be square blocks! this mucks up my 4 patch idea for a border, so just to solve a problem easily am making another 4 blocks and will put on a narrow plain border. This is taken slightly to one side, my sewing room 'just aint big enough'.

And have started assembling the blocks for the pink and green 9-patch swap blocks, have sashed the blocks with pale pink and a second sashing in either pink or green with H.S.T. pinwheels in the corners, from 2 plaid fabrics, very soft, one with a hint of lemon. I thought it would all be very soft and pretty but not so sure now, with just 2 blocks completed there is a bit too much of the scrappy look. If it doesn't work out it can be a car quilt.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stressy week.....

...but some great times, visited the Spirit House restaurant at Yandina with friends visiting from down south, funniest thing was Son #3, who was befriended by a water dragon, Son offered the dragon a glass of wine, which was politely refused but made a great phone piccy to send off to the girlfriend, he (son that is) then stroked the dragons eye ridges with the end of his napkin, it was love, love, love, that dragon is his forever......

We had some great dishes, I can recommend Spirit House wholeheartedly, not something I do often, and I would just love to gather up the courage to do one of their cooking classes. I have one of their cook-books, given as a pressy, and it features the recipe----l o n g ---recipe, of the whole deepfried fish, that's the fish dish that the locals/regulars chuck a kniption if it's taken from the menu, which of course my particular local/regular ordered for lunch.and a couple of the other dishes....
an entree, you can see peaches but I missed the whole affair!!! arghh.
but Uncle R said Yum, very enjoyable........

This is some kind of Duck Dish,..........Duck!, what's so great about duck.......well all of our sons love, I never got over having to spit out all those retched pellets...yep, one of the poor unfortunates bought up on "peasant food" that now costs a bundle.

Another view, another plate of the Blessed Duck.----where is the fascination????

Now this dish, an entree, oh Yum,...........this, I can see the fasination, beautiful plump prawns, wrapped with herbs and served with a dipping sauce that none of us has quite manged to identify all of the ingredients, I guess that means another visit.

My dish was the Chicken, why look at duck??

And this is the view across the pond from out table, fantastic.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday, so much to do

......and so little time, a common catch-cry of quilters. Of course spending over 1 1/2 hours talking on phone to Son and New Bride doesn't help the time line but oh so enjoyable. Lots of Flickr related stories to tell, what a wonderful way to share piccies with family & friends and make new friends, or should that be e-friends.

Have been working on the "Black Quilt" for F. , took a couple of pics, the one with the flash brings out the blue more than reality and the one without the flash is a bit too dark although closer to the real deal. Photos are great for showing contrast between fabrics, and these blocks don't have enough, the greys are too close together as you can see. How sad, will have to go off to the quilting store to buy some more grey fatties.

Have also designed a quilt to use the pink and green 9-patches, with a pale pink sashing around each 9-patch and then a contrasting sash around that again with H.S.T. cornerstones, a scrappy look so again, off to the quilt store.

A big day friday,

but none of it quilting related, had a machine tec. come to sort out my Janome 6500, it's impossible to sew a straight seam, the little my style is a beauty for straight and consistent seams. Turns out (after a call to the Melb. tec. a brilliant and very helpful chap, I think Brad was his name), the quarter inch side bar wasn't sitting straight between the dogs, overlaping the left hand row of teeth, hence pulling the fabric of square, so simple but so devastating.
Happy Angel now dancing on machine.

Potted up some more seedlings of the Herb nature, need to buy a bigger variety, last year had 26, a bit O.T.T. but wonderfully easy lunches can be assembled with a few herbs, some oil, garlic, any vegies around and tossed through some pasta.
Never a panic when anyone drops in for coffee and stays on.

These are basil, cos lettuce, corriander and english spinach.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lots of Lovlies received....

a "Lazy Girl" bag pattern arrived from "Punch with Judy", shopped for the fabric on Saturday and am looking forward to starting this project. Looks a lovely bag, question is, will my version look as good as the piccy?? time will tell.
Here is the fabric choice, yes white, but its fabric and can be washed, I hope successfully.

Oooh, Bad Pic. the black, which will be the base and lining is actually dark charcoal with a lighter grey floral print, the white, which is for the body of the bag has charcoal metallic embroidery stripes, and the black and white large print is for the inside pockets.
In the very same mail a package of the prettiest pink and green 9 patches arrived. I'm a bit cross with myself that only one set was made and swapped, these are so yummy that I just want to make a pink and green quilt, will have to come up with an idea to make these enough, took a pic of them on a piece of pink homespun

Decided on a drive this morning, out through Eudlo to Landsborough, only got a couple of pics, not feeling creative I guess, just enjoyed the moment, had the Shitzu and Red dog with me, they had a ball but were a bit of a distraction.
However, got a couple of twists on recycling, this cute mail box, using an old fridge, would love to know, where did that great heart come from? and a use for an old pineapple harvester, where according to the sign, they have a problem with people taking the pineapples and not paying. At the princely sum of $2 for a very large pineapple, i'd put that in the "thats not cricket" basket.

I kind of like the black and white version, took it with the red filter on the B & W setting. brings out the rust and makes the old machinery seem a bit otherworldy.

Dinner tonight:- Fillet Mignon with a proscuitto wrap on a bed of wild rocket with a beef and tomato pan sauce, Gusto Style potatoes and a Green salad with Persian Fetta Dressing.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Saturday & Sunday

On Wed. I offered to make Sis' partner a quilt, great and accepted, but the colour is difficult, its to be black, just black, how do you make a black quilt??, it can't be just black, thats called a sheet! well after thinking about it a little I have decided on a log cabin style, with a 3" center fussy cut from "Bikers" fabric, he rides a Harley so that bit should be O.K., starting with 2 black and blue fabrics running out to charcoal grey to lighter grey and the dark side being - just black, the center is off set by the black sides being only 1/2" and the lighter sides being 1".
Visited the nursery and picked up some herbs, I really miss having fresh herbs readily available, so these little beauties will be potted out early next week.