Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back on Track

..with a Lorraine Carthew impressionistic landscape, a 2 day workshop, on 15th & 16th., learnt a lot and had a wonderful time, I had all the wrong shades of greens so need to find more of the type used in the workshop, can't wait to finish my landscape.

This is a pic of the quilts Lorraine bought along to inspire us

Of course a better pic is on Lorraines website: http://www.lozquilts.com/
Learnt that I don't see the real colours in front of me, so am taking a leaf from the photograpy pod that I have been listening to and spend time, lots of time, standing still and taking pics of the area around me, then matching the colours of what I have taken to paint chips.
Finished Grandsons Snowboarder quilt, but didn't manage to get a good pic. This is one that Grandson 2 - aged 31/2 took. Boy doesn't that shake up the ego, but at least it shows the colours as true, he was taking a pic of "oggie" the dog, and this was in the background.
This is the best of a bad bunch, bits of lumpy furry creatures and all.Easter was busy, busy, Grandies and Support Team for dinner Friday night, (Fish and Chips - of course - and all the trimmings with Salad.

Sis and F for Dinner on Sat with surprise visit from Eldest Son and New Bride, up to take pics of the wreck of S.S.Dicky, funnily enough, on Dicky Beach. Was planing a frittata for lunch sunday, so did mountains of roast vegetables, how lucky was that!

The Easter Fair at the cottage seemed to be a roaring success, Grandie 1 went along for company and parted me from quite a few $'s. He bought an exquisite jewelery pouch, worked lace insert and Hardanger with pearls and a crystal and pearl tassel for his Mum for Mothers Day, plant for his Dad and comics for his brother, not to mention his own loot.

Have made 12 x 10.5'" black log cabin blocks and assembled them, somehow or other the top is slightly (1/2") longer than width. Huh? these are supposed to be square blocks! this mucks up my 4 patch idea for a border, so just to solve a problem easily am making another 4 blocks and will put on a narrow plain border. This is taken slightly to one side, my sewing room 'just aint big enough'.

And have started assembling the blocks for the pink and green 9-patch swap blocks, have sashed the blocks with pale pink and a second sashing in either pink or green with H.S.T. pinwheels in the corners, from 2 plaid fabrics, very soft, one with a hint of lemon. I thought it would all be very soft and pretty but not so sure now, with just 2 blocks completed there is a bit too much of the scrappy look. If it doesn't work out it can be a car quilt.

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