Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lots of Lovlies received....

a "Lazy Girl" bag pattern arrived from "Punch with Judy", shopped for the fabric on Saturday and am looking forward to starting this project. Looks a lovely bag, question is, will my version look as good as the piccy?? time will tell.
Here is the fabric choice, yes white, but its fabric and can be washed, I hope successfully.

Oooh, Bad Pic. the black, which will be the base and lining is actually dark charcoal with a lighter grey floral print, the white, which is for the body of the bag has charcoal metallic embroidery stripes, and the black and white large print is for the inside pockets.
In the very same mail a package of the prettiest pink and green 9 patches arrived. I'm a bit cross with myself that only one set was made and swapped, these are so yummy that I just want to make a pink and green quilt, will have to come up with an idea to make these enough, took a pic of them on a piece of pink homespun

Decided on a drive this morning, out through Eudlo to Landsborough, only got a couple of pics, not feeling creative I guess, just enjoyed the moment, had the Shitzu and Red dog with me, they had a ball but were a bit of a distraction.
However, got a couple of twists on recycling, this cute mail box, using an old fridge, would love to know, where did that great heart come from? and a use for an old pineapple harvester, where according to the sign, they have a problem with people taking the pineapples and not paying. At the princely sum of $2 for a very large pineapple, i'd put that in the "thats not cricket" basket.

I kind of like the black and white version, took it with the red filter on the B & W setting. brings out the rust and makes the old machinery seem a bit otherworldy.

Dinner tonight:- Fillet Mignon with a proscuitto wrap on a bed of wild rocket with a beef and tomato pan sauce, Gusto Style potatoes and a Green salad with Persian Fetta Dressing.

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Jane said...

Lovely pictures amd love those Jacaranda's, also the nice fresh vegie seedlings. I must start a new pot off. Have given up on vegie garden in drought.
Have you seen the lazy girl on Kaye Wood TV? I think I have a link in my blog. It is great to see her demonstrating.