Saturday, March 8, 2008

A big day friday,

but none of it quilting related, had a machine tec. come to sort out my Janome 6500, it's impossible to sew a straight seam, the little my style is a beauty for straight and consistent seams. Turns out (after a call to the Melb. tec. a brilliant and very helpful chap, I think Brad was his name), the quarter inch side bar wasn't sitting straight between the dogs, overlaping the left hand row of teeth, hence pulling the fabric of square, so simple but so devastating.
Happy Angel now dancing on machine.

Potted up some more seedlings of the Herb nature, need to buy a bigger variety, last year had 26, a bit O.T.T. but wonderfully easy lunches can be assembled with a few herbs, some oil, garlic, any vegies around and tossed through some pasta.
Never a panic when anyone drops in for coffee and stays on.

These are basil, cos lettuce, corriander and english spinach.

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