Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday, so much to do

......and so little time, a common catch-cry of quilters. Of course spending over 1 1/2 hours talking on phone to Son and New Bride doesn't help the time line but oh so enjoyable. Lots of Flickr related stories to tell, what a wonderful way to share piccies with family & friends and make new friends, or should that be e-friends.

Have been working on the "Black Quilt" for F. , took a couple of pics, the one with the flash brings out the blue more than reality and the one without the flash is a bit too dark although closer to the real deal. Photos are great for showing contrast between fabrics, and these blocks don't have enough, the greys are too close together as you can see. How sad, will have to go off to the quilting store to buy some more grey fatties.

Have also designed a quilt to use the pink and green 9-patches, with a pale pink sashing around each 9-patch and then a contrasting sash around that again with H.S.T. cornerstones, a scrappy look so again, off to the quilt store.

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Jasmine said...

I must tell Mum about "Carousels Cupcakes & Coffee" for next time she has a hossie visit!
Lovely blog Andrea, great pics and such fun to read.
I reckon leave the greys and black as it is, is dark and gloomy enough for him, and I like the subtlety.
Oh and I DO want a jacaranda for the purple corner of the garden (so far only lilacs which are yet to flower and Kennedia)...