Sunday, March 2, 2008

Saturday & Sunday

On Wed. I offered to make Sis' partner a quilt, great and accepted, but the colour is difficult, its to be black, just black, how do you make a black quilt??, it can't be just black, thats called a sheet! well after thinking about it a little I have decided on a log cabin style, with a 3" center fussy cut from "Bikers" fabric, he rides a Harley so that bit should be O.K., starting with 2 black and blue fabrics running out to charcoal grey to lighter grey and the dark side being - just black, the center is off set by the black sides being only 1/2" and the lighter sides being 1".
Visited the nursery and picked up some herbs, I really miss having fresh herbs readily available, so these little beauties will be potted out early next week.

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