Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday lunch was a hoot

with an uninvited guest, after a morning of shop - shop - shopping we stopped off for lunch at a cute french patisserie in Chermside shopping center, we ordered 2 quiche and salad, and 2 mug-a-chinos and got 2 mocca-chinos and a visitor in Sis's salad.

Unfortunately I ate my salad first so its not known if I also had any extra protein, probably not, I always miss out. boo hoo.

Somehow or other I think we had a safer day than this chap, caught on his way into the Nursery office for a hard days yakka missing those chair wheels.

Just had to take a pic of the front of this eatery, also at Chermside, untried by us but the mosiac is brilliant, the pearly white tiles shimmer as you walk by and the light focus changes.

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aykayem said...

You know the best thing about getting a worm/bug in your salad? - at least you know it is fresh! LOL
(and if the bug is alive and healthy then then whatever it was on has probably not been sprayed with any nasty chemicals ... at least not recently ...)
btw - I found your blog in the roosing robin list on Cinzia's blog (I am a member of QDU too, but I never seem to have time to read all the e-mail or post very often) ... and why did I look at your blog first? - because your name and your blog name both jumped out at me - I am an Andrea too, and Mum told me that she almost called me Jacqui/Jacqueline because there were a heap of Jacarda trees flowering outside the hospital when I was born ... LOL (in Adelaide, in December).