Friday, April 4, 2008

All things Electronic

It must be Murphy's Law, everything always seems to stop working at the same time. In the last week I have temporarily lost my camera and my computer.

The computer problems were bought on by my unwillingness to hit the delete button......I have menus, shopping lists etc for every Birthday and Christmas meal we have had here for the past 5 years, interesting e-mail excerpts, whole books on quilting, embroidery and cook books......and piccies, hundreds of them taken by the Grandies, of every conceivable little boy interest, including a great number of "self portraits" which generally give a very clear view of the interior of nostrils, anyway the moaning got too much for the Darling and he gave me another hard drive, Bewdy! but of course, things didn't really go smoothly, and after much wresting of computer box innards and discovering that a 'USB port' was 'fried' I now have a shinny black box sitting by my computer, it was taking up a vital (for my iron) power point, so that lasted only moments and quickly got unpluged, but I have the surety of knowing that anytime I want, or need, to peer up a Grandies nostrils, well I have a pic on my very own little black box.
The camera was what fried the USB and now pics can only be accessed by removing the card to a reader, but the card eject has given up the ghost and tweezers are needed. The Darling is making new camera noises, but I love this camera, I know what most of the settings are for and it has features that are no longer available on a point and shoot, like the B&W with colour settings, which gave me some interesting shots at our Niece's white and red wedding.

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