Saturday, April 26, 2008

Botanical Gardens

Early arrival of 2 beaming faces, just waiting to begin the days fun. Plans to make, which park to visit?, what and where for lunch?, what games to play? but foremost was a visit to the $2 shop. Mum said we had to be all done by 12.00, we played hard and managed to squash in, a play in the sandpit, building a castle in the lounge with a game of basketball - also in the loungeroom, a spiderman game, a flying blondie game, then a shower to get rid of the sand from the nickers and off to the botanical gardens, playing I Spy all the way

We found a wonderful pond to chuck rocks, skip flat stones, thank you Grandad, and "fish", that one took a bit of imagination

A further walk up the rise to a large flat grassy area where we found this, a ring of stones, each stone higher and harder to climb with a bigger area of slippery polished stone, over its top, a real challenge.
and at the center, this great work of art, symbolising the ring of stones.,

a great place to perch for a victory pic.

A little further on a shady dell with games to play, like this game of noughts and crossesThe youngest Grandie took this pic of the native violets, 'cause Grandma likes flowers

Then on to the frog pond where we found this great paver, just waiting for little feet.

We were then able to stand and watch the golfers go by on the course next door and Grandad gave a lesson on what all the little blue, white and yellow markers meant.
Then up the hill into the bushland for a wonderful adventure, lots of things to look out for, too many to list, but here are just a few, a sound stage complete with robots

Wallabies to discover and pat

Spiders and other insects to find overhead, a bit of a difficult piccie this.

and the name of the walk was

Whip Bird Walk, symbolised by the bird with the whip or as littlest read the sign, "this is wild bird fun place to make you too tired."

So back into the car, and off to the $2 shop where swords, treasure chest, golf game and magnifiying glasses were bought, inspired by this little bit of fun, and yes, the magnifiers will be staying at our house.

We stopped off at the foodstore to gather supplies for lunch and of course ice-creams and a few of those mini little choccie bars.

Home to quickly assemble toasted Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Milkshakes and Lunch on table by 11.45. Yay for us.

We all then staggered into the T.V. lounge to watch "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", with Johnnie Depp, we all love this movie, although the youngest gets scared of the beginning, (really that fall down the air vent is a bit o.t.t..) it's a great excuse for us all to cuddle up on the couch and Grandma can rest her eyelids.

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