Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Sleepover

The Grandies have been asking for quite a while now to have a sleepover, but its not so easy, no spare rooms upstairs. Support Team wanted a night out with friends so took the bit between my teeth and made the offer, if the kiddies would kip on the couches they could sleep over, well what fun, we all had a ball and everyone's exhausted.

They sat on the kitchen bench and cooked dinner, set the table for a party, including lots of candles, and took pics of everything.
Candles for the table, lots more scattered around the verandah.
Youngest's teddy bear noodles,
This little man will not eat lumps of anything, especially meat, and there was both bacon and chicken in the sauce along with lots of vegies, so through the blender and presto, "creamy" sauce, didn't look too good but went down a treat.

especially using his uncles baby food pusher, kind of chair lifts the noodles to the mouth.

Early next morning, trying to convince Grandad that the day had begun, hot chocolate and coffee in bed was all the go. he was particularly pleased with this shot of his hot chocolate

it will take days to sort and edit all the piccies taken.

Tower was built by eldest Grandson before going to bed, he wanted it to stand all night, 5 a.m. just awake and straight out to check it's still standing.

Smile says it all.

Another bed head.
The big plan was to visit the $2 shops this morning, always a favourite treat, we managed to fill the morning, pikelets and bacon with maple syrup for breakfast, lots of games, and then showered shampooed and heading down the stairs when we realised no car seats.......big disappointment, so opted for a walk to the park and then on to the foodstore for an ice-cream, imagine the disappointment when we encountered this........

This is a major road, there is no way that we could cross without lights, and there arn't any for miles, we just stood there, and little bottom lips were starting to get a bit droopy, but one of the men came up and told us to go down to the front of the truck and another chap would stop the traffic and lead us around, a very big thank you SEQEB workers, a second disappointment was averted thanks to their kindness too two little boys.The boys suggested a bag of lollies for the workers, duly bought and given to the guy who stopped the traffic.

Grandie No. 1 spotted Black Log Cabin quilt top and put in a bid for it, gave him the black and purple 9-patch swap blocks to arrange on the design wall and he can have that, I have 4 quilts on that wall, hope nothing gets in the way next week, just wanna quilt, quilt quilt. have all the extras needed so should be straight sailing.

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