Friday, April 25, 2008

The Grandies are coming..........

After a day of quilting and designing, got a call from the D.I.L., she has shopping on her mind for tomorow and could we have the Grandies?, you betcha!, .....

Went a bit mad this a.m. and ordered a couple of books from Amazon, one on Japanese Optical and Geometrical Art fromHajime Ouchi, no don't try to look inside, go to amazon for that, if I was more skilled it might be a happening event, but not today.

and the other, Notan: The Dark-Light Principle of Design by Dorr Bothwell

Looking forward to receiving these, going on others opinions, but hopefully they should help the designing along a little, also ordered another CD of Chinese music, "Masterpieces of Chinese Traditional Music", got hooked on Chinese Tea Music a couple of years back, it's very relaxing, just great to be playing in the background while quilting.

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