Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not at all well..........

this young magpie has a deformed or injured foot and a crook leg as well, tried to gather him up on Friday to take him to the Vet but didn't see the Shitzu creeping up behind. This morning he was on the balcony outside our bedroom, looking a bit worse for wear, When we approached with meat he was right onto it, came forward with an alarming wobble and landed on the deck, tossed a lump of mince to him which was quickly gathered up but not eaten, we thought the lump was too big so tossed a small morsel of mince, he dropped the beakfull of mince, shook his head a couple of times and an old dried kernel of a palm seed flew from his beak, the poor thing must have been desperate to try and eat that. The mince was gobbled up as fast as we could toss it with quite a few morsels caught in mid-air. Flying mince to beak co-ordination - 10.

Full tummy and resting.

Darling cut notches out of a plastic box to fit over the rungs of the ladder and fashioned a perch for him, where he settled and we left him for the rest of the day, he was gone when we returned home. If he visits tomorow he will be fed again, and for as long as is needed.

Magpie penthouse?, evidence when we returned home, it was used.

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