Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ooops, missed a day......

The embroidery group I have recently joined is having a display this w/end, everyone was asked to take part in the tea-cozie challenge, well I phaffed around and finally setteled on a really cute little shaped tea-cozie that would wrap around a little pot for 2, well I measured, I drafted, I stitched and I experimented, after 2 days of fun ....I mean hard work I re-read the newsletter..............It wasn't to be a tea cozie as such, it was to be something off the wall..........and I had gone down the cutsie road. When will I learn to read twice...well actually at my age probably never...haha. Anyway I have this really cute little cozie for my tiny teapot for me. So with the unstructured life I lead in semi-retirement, with special days for Grandies, Public Holidays, special projects and just "don't wanna do it" days, I missed a day, my cutsie teapot and I missed the needlework meeting........can you believe it??..I guess in pennance I will go put myself on the roster for clean up duty, the lowest of the low duties.

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