Saturday, April 19, 2008

Poor Hungry Doggie

Isn't this just the saddest doggie face ever, he gobbles down his food so fast, the other dogs are still eating, he thinks he doesn't get as much, so always comes into the kitchen to ask for more, he has lots of weight to loose, so gets at least a half a cup of raw cabbage wizzed up to mush and poured over his food. It was working, he lost about 2 kilos but then I went back to the old recipe for their food, too many carbs for this chap, but needed for the black dog, she is failing and needs the fuel. So it now looks like 3 different recipes for dog dinners, the Shitzu is very fussy about what vegies he will eat and likes a diet heavy with protein, no rice but will eat pasta, go figure! And the raw cabbage?, no, not a problem, doesn't make him windy at all.

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