Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rainy Sunday

Showers today, a great excuse to stay indoors to quilt and watch movies. Watched "FindingNeverland", with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet,a bit of a tearjerk story of James Barrie and the writing of Peter Pan, then went straight into Eight Below, brilliant scenery with more tears and one really big scare when the dogs happen upon a feast - well nothing comes easy.

Then a walk along the river where there are a number of private fishing jetties in varying stages of repair, from the named and manintained.......... the barely hanging together with the help of some fencing wire.

There are all manner of water craft for hire, tinnies,, surfskis, jetskis, and sailboats , and council run B.B.Q'S on the riverbank, the B.B.Q. boats are great, we took one out with 10 or 11 and had plenty of room, fishing, eating - yep the whole B.B.Q. bit, great fun.
Oh well, back to the sewing room, which needs a bit of a tidy up according to the youngest Grandie, that boy is on a neat binge.

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