Friday, April 11, 2008

Rats......more breakdowns and damages

Well for pitys sake, it's about time this all ended.....yes it is.....first the computer and camera and now the vaccum gives up the ghost and a paint chip off the front edge of my new Janome 6500, must have smacked it with something hard - scissors maybe?

Phoned Janome Brisbane, who proved to be just wonderful, no paint to sell but Deb arranged for a small container of paint to be posted to me, Thanks so much Deb.

Was really distressed about the chip, these things tend to grow if left on their own, but now you can't even see where it was, oh all right, if you put your specs on you can, but just barely, did a great repair job if I do say so myself.

And the vac.....this vac was bought about a year ago to make sure that the house was schmick clean, it was thought at the time that I might be alergic to house dust, it is so powerful that you can turn it on in the middle of the room and the dust bunnies just give up and run up the tube, honest they do.

It had to go in for repair a couple of months ago and while it was away I realised that the dirt filled bag was still in the cleaner, "ohh how embarrasment" as Effie would say, so next time it had to go back, I made sure to put in a nice new bag. Vac comes home and did I check it out?, no!, just plugged it in and zoomed around the floors, and zoomed and zoomed, sort of wondered about the bag not showing full but put that down to the fact that we had taken up all the mats from the living areas (Puppy problems, but thats another story) anyway last week the vac made this sort of sick whirry, noise, and stopped, opened it up and NO DUST BAG, O.M.G.! lots of dust and dog fur, but no bag. Rushed and got emergency vac, took out the filters and wiped and vac'ed but at the end of it all, realised I was too chicken to plug it in and give it a go, so had to 'fess up.

Fast forward a week and the lovely people at Miele have fixed vac,it is due home on Monday, I will be so pleased to see its shinny grey self, emergency vac is so much lighter to use but you have to chase down the bunnies and corner 'em, much harder work.

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aykayem said...

u should have bought a dyson vacuum - they don't use bags - LOL