Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grandies Quilt.

Got a call to look after the youngest Grandson while Mum went to the dentist.
He wasn't even to the top of the stairs when he put the request in to make a quilt, so off we went to the sewing room.

He chose this piece of fabric and wanted to decorate it with stars, so with a bit of help with the scissors. he cut out some vliesifixed stars and pressed them to the fabric, counting the seconds off for afixing the stars, and keeping those tiny fingers well away from the iron.
He was anxious to get on with the sewing part of it, so only a few stars made it.

We then machined a couple of lines of patterned stitches before we had to stop because the dog washer arrived and that was too much fun to be missed out on.

and his favourite bit?, the birds nest on the back, he thinks Grandma is so clever doing something that cool, he even showed the whole thing to the dog washer, who bless his heart, duly admired and praised the "quilt"

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