Monday, May 12, 2008

Bit of a Buy Up

It's been quite a while since I went off and bought so many toys and books, after watching Susan K Cleveland of Pieces be with you, on The Quilt Show, I ordered her book on accent curves and the piped binding kit.

Can you see the ingenious little ruler on top of the book?, you lay the groove over the cord in the piping and trim the edges of the bias fabric to the desired seam allowance, either half inch or quarter inch seam, depending on the project. I cannot wait to start one of her projects, I'm thinking something small to start, maybe a wall hanging or table runner using the lanterns pattern.

and if anyone has been reading Caityquilters blog you would instantly recognise this........
a suction thingie, or as the box is labeled, "Bath or Shower Support Bar", got the Darling to pick one up for me from Aldi in Caboolture, why didn't I get 2? they are brilliant. No more ruler slippage when the wrists and fingers are sore and weak, just look at the grip that sucker has on the ruler.

Then there was Sunday, we had a lovely day, started off with Morning tea, supplied by Support Team and Grandies, lots of goodies to eat,

and towers to build with glass blocks.

they then went off to lunch with friends and then for a frolic on the beach.

Our eldest and his bride arrived for lunch, which was also a celebration of her birthday of last week, so pushed the boat out a wee bit, we had a really great B.B.Q with porterhouse steaks, chicken sticks in honey soy marinade and of course sausages, what's a barbie without snags? surprisingly the snags are missing from my plate :)

After having worked Mothers Day Lunch at the restaurant our youngest arrived for a late lunch/early dinner, just as the support team turned up to join the birthday festivities, and so we gave the barbie another run,
and with a special request from the Grandies for sausages and "trees", it was all too easy.
Here is a pic of the lovely gifts that I received for Mothers Day,

I can tell you, that with a bit of help, that choccie box is now empty, and so is the bottle :)
The framed photo is a favourite of mine, taken by our eldest on a trip to Lamington National Park and is on his Flickr page.

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