Friday, May 2, 2008

Mystery Quilt

Have joined in my first ever go at a mystery quilt, something that has intrigued me for awhile, being a controll freak its a bit hard to decide to "work in the dark" so to speak.
The ever so helpful and lovely Cathy from "Cowbells Patchwork" in Bell
posted an invitation to SCQers, (an online quilting group) to join in a 3 week mystery she is running.
It's already week 2 so I spent yesterday catching up, I chose my fabrics along the "country theme" from my small stash, lots of 5" squares needed for both H.S.T. and 4 patches. I'm only doing the throw size but the idea of drawing lines from corner to corner and thru the center on 72 blocks just didn't appeal - what to do?,

I had previously devised a way to make perfect H.S.T. without the drawing, but it means drawing on your machine bed, something I had done on my little My Style but only after I had owned it a couple of years. Draw on my new 6500?

Oh what the heck, its only a line, so did it. (And besides rainx will take it off, well most of it ;).
You start with your squares cut to the full inch measurement, not the 7/8 th inch, that is 5" squares instead of 4 7/8th inch. It means that I can put the point of the squares on a pre-determined point, for me that's where the line marked 10 would intersect with the inside edge of the outer feed dog teeth. (try saying that quickly)

and the other point of the squares on the line drawn on the machine bed,

you then just sew a straight line with the point of the square following up the line, like so,

you then just flip it around and come back down the other side,

or just keep going and chain stitch one side and then swap sides ..... whatever.
You then cut up the middle, press apart and using your rotary cutter and square ruler cut them to a perfect H.S.T., the extra time taken to square the H.S.T's is more than made up for by not ruling and the seams all but together to make nice crisp points.
Cute Huh? and its not really cheating, just creative use of your tools.

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