Monday, May 5, 2008

New Paint Job

Sis and Partner decided to take the Harley with its new paint job and chrome out on a run, his son had been riding the Harley when he dropped it, big scrapes and lots of damage down one side, the bike not the kid (he was sore but unscathed, the sign of a good rider - or a bloody lucky one) so they popped up for a visit, I had been working on the border for the black log cabin, he wanted to see what I was working on, so I showed him........hmmm......not sure of the reaction........hopefully with the border and quilting I can pull it into the acceptable/love it, it's so darn hard to see a quilt when you are just looking at the pieced top. Got some great ideas for the quilting from the new paint job though, was thinking of circles on the log cabin blocks, but now think that a stylised wheel on the blocks and a similar design to the paint job running around the border. Ohhh.....good thing I did that Free Motion Quilting class a couple of weeks ago, lots more practice needed.........
The reason Sis was visiting was to pick up a DVD movie Darling was making for her from some old Super 8 movies, do you remember them?. He has this piece of equipment that he imported from the U.S., to transfer the super 8 film, frame by frame, to the computer, he then sets the film speed using special software to match the original camera speed which takes out any jumps and flicker. Its particularly good for damaged film as it doesn't go through a sprocket system.

We all watched the movies, taken back in the early 80's of family gatherings and kids concerts, first days at school........and had a couple of tearies and a couple of laughs. Good God, wasn't the hair bizare back then? and shorts.......whew........short shorts they certainly were.

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