Thursday, May 8, 2008

Parcels Arrived

Got two parcels this morning, one from my Angel (Angel/Mortal swap with online group Scquilters) containing a mini craft organiser, just what I need to take beading along to classes, a chinese pincushion, 2 F.Q's of beautiful "quilter theme" fabric, and an empty box. O.K., o.k., so it wasn't an empty box, then, but it is now The other parcel was part of my order from Amazon, a book on Japanese optical and geometrical art, fascinating, where was this book a couple of years back when the black and white challenge was such a well.....challenge.

Don't think this would have been the way to go,
but maybe something along this line
and the book on NOTAN which I am looking forward to working through, hopefully to gain a better understanding of design and the relationship between positive and negative spaces to improve my quilting designs.

I ordered this based on what I read on an April 15, 2008 blog from Caitlin O’Connor a localish (same corner of the state) lass who really achieves. She inspires me.

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aww, thanks!