Friday, May 16, 2008

Trotted off to the Cottage

on Wednesday, where one of the livewires modelled this great pair of slippers she had just finished knitting for her daughter, carpet throughout the house so no danger of slipping. I put in an order for the Christmas Fair.
Stayed for lunch with a few of the ladies, and then launched into the next group's activities.
As a hand stitching project for wednesdays, I have started assembling the wedding quilt, the individual blocks have been hanging on my design wall for 2 years, big mistake, of the 16 blocks I took to work on, 2 had insect poop on them, just tiny little spots, but I now will be washing the whole shebang, before I assemble it, in case any re-placements have to be made, sheesh, bloody insects.
Got a quote of $10 sq foot for one of the girls to hand quilt it, she does beautiful work, I think I will have to take her up on it.

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