Saturday, June 28, 2008

How Proud are We?? the Darling and I......

...........had a wonderful surprise today, our eldest has been asked to be one of the photographers exhibiting work at a newly opened Gallery in Woolloongabba, here is the the Talented one and the New Bride, posing with his Dad, in front of one of the pieces in the gallery.

and again in front of another 3 of his pieces on the pew seat. His work can be found on Flickr on

Although he has always been interested in photography, making home movies when just a lad, he has only been treating photography as a serious hobby for the past couple of years, His interest really deepened when they travelled to Greece for their honeymoon.

Our day with them started out with coffee and much excited "pawing over" and trying out of the new camera lens for his birthday. It was then suggested that we journey over to Woolloongabba to try out a new eatery that they had heard about and then there was a newly opened gallery they wanted to show us. At this stage we hadn't been told the exciting news.

A friend of theirs was sitting in the eatery, waiting on food, he seemed to be a really nice young man until he recommended the fish finger sandwich........a fish finger sanger?? in an eatery?? both he and the eatery hit a score of zero really fast, but as I looked around at the crowd of happy eaters I thought I should perhaps reserve judgement for at least 5 mins or so........and lucky I did, the fish finger sanger was fabulous, thick ribbons of salmon, lightly crumbed with a chunky tartare sauce and a little salad between thick slices of really fresh wonderful bread. Yum.... The new bride and I shared, good thing too as the Darling couldn't finish his sanger.

After a most enjoyable lunch, it was then off around the corner to visit the Gallery.

As we approached, there in the doorway, was their friend from the eatery, turns out he is one of the owners of the gallery, we walked in, and .........Oh My God, .........such excitement,.. there on display were some of our son's photos.

They have been printed on canvas and stretched and mounted...........I swear to God I was really cool, didn't scream or jump around or anything...........of course the Darling totally disagrees, he claims I squeaked like a constipated mouse, well that's what his impersonation of my behaviour sounded like. I completely disagree, and the new bride backs me up. Wise Gal that new bride!

They have a section for original paintings and the other section for photography. Definitely worth a visit. With lots of exciting work from new artists and some wonderful collaborative work done by Josh and Kylie Farrelly of EnergyArt, involving a mix of painting and photography, that I think they call "Paintography". Not to spoil the surprise, go check out the Gallery.

Joshua Levi Gallery 2 - 4 Ipswich Road Woolloongabba, pictured above with a smiling Josh standing in front of the wall that will be dedicated to our Son's work.

Keep an eye out for the amazing claw foot bath in the window, complete with crystal chandelier.

Josh also runs a very interesting business by the name of "thumbprints," where he takes one of your favourite photos and prints it onto canvas, and mounts it. Imagine having your favourite pic of the Grandies on canvas on your wall!, or your favourite pic of anything for that matter. Check Josh out at:- there is also a link to view works by Kylie Farrelley.

After a most enjoyable time talking to a very friendly Josh and Damien, the owners, we went to Freestyle tout in Fortutide Valley for dessert and coffee, and so rounded off a really special day.

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