Sunday, July 6, 2008

Clever Pet Mat

Sis & Partner came to dinner last night and bought the cutest new piece of equipment to help in our war to keep black dog well. If you were guessing what it could possibly be from the pics across the bottom of the box you could be forgiven for mistaking it for a food platter. The Darling thought the mouse dinner looked interesting, but I think the stuffed cat on the end takes the cake.

But no, it is a warming mat for pets, Black dog is very arthritic and the cold weather is making life a little unpleasant

Here it is with its little cover on, as you can see by the dog fur adhering to the cover it was tried out by all 5 dogs last night, some liked it more than others. It has carbon fibers embedded in the mat and so is safe against water and can be wiped down, the cover of course can be washed. Just what's needed.

And just because I managed to get a reasonable pic of the dining room, here's the table all set with dinner. Nothing quite like a dose of the lurgy to keep a body quietly at home with nothing to blog for a week.

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