Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lunch at Merlots Cafe in Buderim

Eldest Grandie went off to a Birthday Party, this seems to be the season for parties, so Youngest Grandie, Support Team and ourselves went off to a lovely Cafe in Buderim for lunch, Grandie opted for Pancakes with Maple Syrup but insisted on his fair share of the chippies and tomato sauce. He thought it was a brilliant mix, so much so that he very generously offered to share and insisting that Mum try a syruped and sauced chippie, her verdict was that it wasn't too far from Sweet and Sour Sauce. I managed to escape the culinary delight.

This is the current face that he seems to want to wear, what is it with little boys and face pulling?

Our selection of Steak and Hamburgers. I guess dinner tonight will be a snack.

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