Thursday, August 21, 2008

The best Sunrise ever

Piccie taken by very excited 4yr old Grandson, with the comment of "Its a ball Grandma, and its more hugea"

At last the connection problems are all solved, so nice to have my computer back and to catch up with others blogs.

Lots has happened in this neck of the woods in the past month. So many birthdays with lots of lovely cakes, this one a work in progress, beautifully finished off with a fine web of fairy floss.
Baskets of birthday flowers presented by smiling angels to a Grandmum

Grandad was away for his birthday and our anniversary so lots of catching up when he flew home.

But the best thing was watching the sunrise last Sunday morning with the Grandies. They asked firstly for a sleepover, then barely out of their driveway on the way home they asked to get up and watch the sunrise, the eldest has seen two sunrises from our deck and the youngest had never seen one.
There was much excitement and planning for the big event, with wakeups starting at 3a.m. "Is it time to go yet?", finally caved in at 4.15 and let them get up, so after hot chocolate all around, packed quilts, camera, kids and dog into the car and off we went to the park to watch the sunrise.
With the lull between the first colouring of clouds and sunrise proper there was plenty of time to have a play in the park in the dark, so exciting, but so, so, cold. The dog was the only one with a little sense, he just wanted to get back in the warm car.

I got to have a go with the camera and took this one of the first rays over the horizon.
These two were taken by the eldest Grandie who then quickly passed the camera to his little brother who took the pic at the top of the post.
It was then off home and into the kitchen with us all to cook up a feast for breakfast. We made a pile of pancakes, grilled bacon and eggs and served them with maple syrup, all washed down with more hot chocolate. We finished the morning off with a play in the park and a visit to the $2.00 shop, one of our fav stores. All in all a great morning.

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