Saturday, August 23, 2008

Brissy Catch-up at Cirque

Caught up with our eldest and the bride for lunch, it was a busy day with last minuite shopping for essentials for her up-coming trip to the Solomon Islands. She is one of a small group of people who are going to several less advanced countries to help shop owners with retail & marketing skills. She chose to go to Honiara because we lived there for a couple of years when our first two boys were very young, she has seen the family movies of the boys early birthday parties and jaunts around Honiara and environs.

We stopped off at one of their fav eateries, 'Cirque' in New Farm, couldn't resist a pic of the beautiful table flowers at Cirque and the intrepid traveller in the background.

And this is what we had for lunch, all very fresh, tasty and nicely presented.

Below is a pic of our Darlings paying the bill, note the steep stairs at the back of the restaurant leading to an upstairs dining room, where we ate, my admiration for the very slim wait staff running up and down with food and dishes.

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