Monday, August 25, 2008

Mount Coolum

Youngest son had a better offer today so we went up the coast a little toward Mount Coolum and called into "Town of Seaside" at Marcoola, a residental development with a little difference. The architecture reminds me of the American seaside area around Cape Cod. One of the aspects that appealed is the lack of Garages and driveways at the streetfront of the homes, there is street access to the back of the block for garages and mail delivery. A totally different look.
We then went on to Mount Coolum, not sure I would like this great hulking rock in my backyard, there would be a torrent of water cascading down in the rainy season.
But they do have this great view across the street to the Mount Coolum Golf Course.
We also got a few snaps of some very pretty azaleas
and a rather stunningly yellow daisy

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