Monday, September 22, 2008

Exciting Day Sunday

am in a rush to post these piccies for the Darling to see, he is away at the moment and our Eldest has a show at the Joshua Levi Gallery in Brisbane. Sis, her Darling, Eldest and I visited the gallery yesterday after a delish lunch at Compos. It was so exciting, whilest having lunch the Eldest's phone rang, it was Josh telling him that one of his pics had just sold, happy dancing all round.
The pic that sold was the same one that I was lucky enough to be given for my birthday. Spoilt me.

See that blank space on the right, thats where the work was hanging. And this is a close up of the tag hanging next to the photo on the top left.

The work on the far left of this pic is of another photographer, and as soon as I remember his name will write it up here.
The Lad looking justifiably pleased, and the Sis' Darling closely studying a piece that was a close up of a piece of "unidentifiable to the novice" machinery, but with his expert knowledge, he worked it out and pointed out the various components to us.
Sis on the move, hard lass to capture on film.

The Brisbane River and Skyline at night, the colours didn't photograph all that well for me, I blame the angle, couldn't possibly be moi now could it?

Two of the Eldests black and white shots with other work by Mark Lobo, a renowned Brissy photographer.

Work by Kylie Farrely, she is the lass that does the paintography, that is adding another dimension to photoghraphed work as well as being a painter. The tall work of the skyscrapers on the left is from a photograph taken by our Eldest.

More of Kylie's work

And just because I know just how much my Darling would enjoy it, here is a pic of the work done by a group of Grafitti Artists on the side wall of the Gallery.


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