Friday, September 5, 2008

Fabulous Parcel and Gob smacked by Australia Post..........again

A parcel of lovely goodies arrived today from my Angel, I got some lovely choccies and yes, this time I did share with the Darling, some pretty tissues for my cold, a little bear to hug while I sip my hot lemon, and lots of needles and a threader, how did she know that I can't find a decent needle??? she is either psychic or a member of my needlework group, there were pretty pink stickers with cupcakes - just the ticket for naming my recently covered storage boxes, a June Taylor mini "cut and press" mat that I've drooled over for quite a while but the piece de resistance was the body art tattoos. I am going to wear them to the "Fathers Day B.B.Q" on Sunday and freak the sons and DIL . hee hee
Check out the cute heart buttons on teddy.
I think the purple rose will be the choice for the Fathers Day outing.

But how is this for service, we have had some rather strong winds and pouring rain the last few days, and to keep the front gate closed I popped a brick (read large hunk of concrete) behind the gate, after all who in their right mind would visit in this weather? The postie, that's who, this guy/gal pushed open the gate, walked up to the house to leave the parcel in the dry and then when leaving has pulled the concrete block up as far as possible against the gate!! I'm gobsmacked by the fantastic service once again.

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