Monday, September 8, 2008

Fathers Day B.B.Q

A Mohican winding up to deliver a killer ball.

Very exciting day, started with Cricket in the back yard, just the Grandies and I but it didn't take long to be joined by the rest of the gals, the guys of course were gathered round the barbie, discussing weighty matters like just how hot should the plate be to cook onions and various computer programs, DVD's and music
The Support Team did a great job of catering, DIL had the great idea of making up a 'Dads Day' gift bag for all the dads present, choc full of goodies like beer, chocolate, and even a shaver and hanky, went down very well.
The Grandies were so proud to have this cup to present to Dad, everyone got to view, exclaim over and be warned off the chocs, no snitching samples "cause their mine Dad's chocs"

After a day's hard play, this little man needed a rest on the couch with his fav cushion, he won this cushion at the Cottage Christmas Fair a couple of years back, he often asks who made it so next week I'lll take this pic to the Cottage and see if anyone present recognises their own handywork. It is reverse applique, beautifully stitched, a really quality piece that I first thought might not really be suitable for a young boy, but he just loves the design. It lives on his bed and is a bit of a contrast to the racing bikes.

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