Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I made over the past weekend.

Was feeling a little flat and sad, as we lost Sam, our Black (Tri) sheltie on Friday, so hung out in my sewing room on Saturday, cruising the net and making up a few little projects that I found on quilting/sewing blogs.

This cute little thread holder came from a very well written tutorial by fellow Aussie quilter Leanne over at The Stitching Room,
Just scroll down a few lines to the Tutorial listing on the left.

Quick to make up with easy to follow instructions and piccies.

I used a few scraps of a sewing patterned fabric in two colour ways for this little one to be used by my sewing machine.
Just might have to make another one to keep in my little needlework basket.

I found and made this so simple and easy little thumb pincushion on Saturday. All it takes is a 4" square of fabric, some stuffing and thread.

I cannot for the life of me now find the blog, I will have to work on that so that I can give the proper link and credit.

If you look closely at the pic you can see a tiny black hair above the crease on the right side, one of Sammys. She was a constant companion in my sewing room and I know I will miss her dreadfully.

Don'tcha just lurve google?, put 'thumb pincushion' into their search and after following a couple of leads found the thumb pincushion tutorial. I had originally found a link on the TipNut site

leading to the tutorial on Annies Crazy World

Found a great tutorial on Ric Rac's blog, well written with easy to follow directions and lots of piccies, so I just had to make this shoulder bag, have to confess though that it took a bit longer than the hour that it took Jodie. I machine quilted around the apples and diagonally across the whole apples and as I didn't have a magnetic snap I used a small piece of Velcro behind the Marano glass bead.

Find the bag pattern and instructions here:
and Jodies blog here:
Then of course it was off to Brissy on Sunday, firstly to drop the Darling at the airport, right in the middle of the breakdown of the Qantas booking in system, the queues reached half way round the terminal building. Boy! was that interesting, some nasty people let their facade fall, the staff worked hard and flights were called to have seats allocated in turn, making sure all planes took off on time and no-one missed out. A good job under very difficult circumstances, but really, who would continue to book Qantas, they really need a big overhaul of all systems.
It was then back to the Sis's for coffee and then into town for lunch and the Gallery, as in the prior post.

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