Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Walk in the Park

Visited our local Libary and took the 2 dogs with me, of course they can't come into the library so I left them in the car, in 7 mins, I returned a bag full of loans, selected another bag full, checked out and was back to the car, dogs barely had time to miss me, but you should see some of the whacky titles I picked up, still I've come across some good novels from time to time by just grabbing a book or DVD.

We then went for a walk in Cotton Tree Park, even venturing down to the beach, the Shitzu was pooped before we made it back to the car and had to be carried.

Then off to pick up the Youngest and back up the coast to have dinner with the Support Team, dropping the dogs home on the way.

There was a parcel from my Angel Maddi waiting in the box so I took it with me and let the Grandies open it for me, ooh what excitement, much drooling over the socks and betting what was in the tin, little boys disapointed it wasn't choccies but Grandma knew she was in for a treat of Guterman threads.
The boys also wanted to give Grandma a pressie so out come the paper and pens and this is my pressies from them, grins and artwork, what more could a Gran want?
The youngest took his laptop along, he was having a little trouble with it and his brother was able to help him out, loading stuff and sorting stuff and whatever, must have worked as youngest was all for having a go on it on the way home.

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