Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Birds Breakfast

There is a bird that I thought was a magpie with damaged feet that has been living around our close area, he has a little difficulty hanging on to branches, especially in the breeze, but has solved his problem by perching in gutters on windy days, clever little guy.

He spends a bit of time waiting for our front door to open in the mornings and then flys down to the veranda to sing for his mince.

The day begins, the door is opening, those noisy four footed furry things are coming out to say hello

Its a bit of a mission to get out of the gutter.

But breakfast is worth it.

After reading Pamela's comment I googled magpies and butcher birds, seems that what I thought was a butcher bird is in fact the young and this guy above has the adult plumage. Butcher birds have a bad rep for ousting the nestlings of other birds. Sad to say this guy hasn't been around for a couple of weeks but he had got to the stage where he would take mince from my hand, a trait magpies are famed for.

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PamelaJ said...

Ithink your magpie is actually a butcher bird, He looks like one that comes to visit me regularly for tidbits.