Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday in Woodgate

Early this morning the Darling suggested a "Sunday Drive",

In days of old, this was a usual Sunday activity that many a family indulged in, Dad at the Wheel, Mum up front, often with the youngest on her knee and the rest of the kids in the back and a sandwich picnic in the boot.

So off we went to Woodgate, with plans to stop off in Childers for a nice lunch, after all, this isnt the 50's you know.

On the way we called into Borrowdale Village at Gympie, to photograph the beautiful Jacaranda Trees in full flower. Borrowdale is an interesting park and Gold Museum and well worth the visit even when the Jacarandas aren't flowering. You can check it out here:

We also had the treat of seeing these Black Swans and their Cygnets by the lake in the park, there are many waterfowl in the park, Ibis, Ducks, Mud Hens, Geese as well as other Swans but this family were so calm even though there were people all around them, just behind where I stood to take these pics there was a young couple picnicking on the grass.

We enjoyed looking around Childers, the Pharmaceutical Museum and Old Butcher Shop Museum were both closed, but after all it was Sunday.

We were rather taken by the footpath, there were many tiled plaques inserted into the concrete walk, quite often describing the store they were in front of, such as this tooth in front of the "Decayslayer", the dentists

Great mosaic of a dingo. There is some really great artwork in these mosaics.

There were quite a few of these brass plaques in the footpath with interesting stories, this one reads as follows "Wagon and sulky owners had a problem with the timber in the iron tyres becoming loose, they would swell the tyres in a waterhole. In the 1880's Richard Giles stopped at the Broadhurst Homestead as his wheels were loose. He reversed his dray into the waterhole but lost it in the water.

The story of the 'Lost Dray' has been passed down through the generations. People have doubted this legend until the 1980's. During a severe drought, parts of the dray were visible and in fairly good condition.

We also visited the Childers Backpacker Memorial and Regional Art Gallery, upstairs in the Palace Memorial Building, as you enter the Gallery your eye is drawn to the far wall, the memorial, it contains 15 glass boxes, with layered see through images, or photographs of each of the backpackers who lost their lives in the Backpacker Hostel Fire in 2000 and photos of their family and friends, a brilliant piece of artwork. the Memorial Sculpture Artist was Salvatore Mario Di Mauro

On the side wall there is a haunting painting titled "Taking a Break in the Field", its a collage of the backpackers, done by Josonia Palaitis.

Printed on the front of the Memorial brochure are the words - "Remembering victims is Important but not enough."

Lots of info on these two sites about the area but very little about the 15 who lost their lives in that terrible tragedy.

We didn't do lunch in Childers, we shared a packet of chips and bottle of drink in the car on the drive to Woodgate, but thats another story.

Woodgate is a wonderful seaside village, full of retirement and weekend homes but I think the kangaroos outnumber the residents, they were peacefully grazing or just resting in the shade
There were 5 kangaroos in the yard of this house, and they are so comfortable and unafraid, you can see the spray from the hose the householder is using to water the lawn.
This would be the perfect place to have an early coffee and to watch the sunrise, maybe even a mini-muffin to nibble on and call it breakfast.
The beach goes for miles in a great sweeping bay.

And when we had had our fill of sights, we enjoyed a coffee at this little place, with of course, a view of the ocean.

And so off home, a three hour drive so no stopping for piccies on the way, but couldn't resist turning in to have a look at Buxton. When returning to the highway we passed this little guy, the Darling came to a fast halt so as not to run over him, but needn't have worried, the frill neck didn't move a muscle and just sat there in the middle of the road, and let us take his piccie, I guess he thought the middle of the road was a safe enough place to soak up the last of the days sun.

I had planned to get a pic on the way home of this Pink house in Tairo, but almost missed it, got half, at speed, just couldn't believe the colour, so here is half a pink house.
Then there was crossing the Mary River outside Maryborough
And the almost impossibly vibrant purple of the Jacaranda flowers at dusk as we scooted through Gympie.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


As a little treat, we took the Grandies off to buy a small lego for each of them, we had hoped to get something a little easier for the youngest, but the only thing available was a chunky duplo, suitable for a two year old, we succumbed and bought him a lego dune buggy, his brother had fun putting it together for him and I hope he continues to enjoy putting it together, because it was in bits by the time we left, it really is just too old for him but boy, was he having fun.

Here it is all together, he just loved it.

Lots of concentration and discussion was needed to complete this little beauty, but here it is all finished. A job well done

Three in a Tent

2 Grandies and 1 dog in a tent. A bit squashy but fun.
This story typed by GS D.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ginger Cake and a lack of Pink

Testing a ginger loaf recipe this morning and was struck by how out of my colour loop the old mixer is, so took this pic.

Just the other day I had been drooling over a beautiful pink Kitchen-Aid mixer, easily available for a mear $600. Well I hope that some other electrical manufacture makes pink mixers 'cause just after taking this pic, while in the midst of the second test mix in fact, mine bit the dust. It has been on the way out for over 10 years and today was the day.

We've had this good old Sunbeam for just over 30 years, and there are lots of memories associated with it, our boys learned to bake with it and the Grandies have had a few goes as well.

There is one family story about one of the boys (no names will be mentioned ) while standing at the kitchen bench eating a bowl of ice-cream, started turning the beaters on and off, then of course just to see what would happen, tried to catch a whirring beater - well I'm sure you can fill in the rest of that story yourself, and yes he still has 10 digits.

The first cake (the loaf) was made using bi-carb soda, as a google of the American baking soda comes up as being the same, well, to sift 1 teaspoon of bi-carb in with the flour just seemed wrong, I'm used to disolving bi-carb in a liquid. Anyway went ahead and the cake seemed to come out fine, that is until I opend the oven door, it smelt just yucky, sour and earthy.

It cut fine but as it cooled did not loose the odour and the taste of it was just as bad, gave a crumb to the Shitzu and he is now not talking to me.
By this time the second cake was already in the oven, I cooked it in a small round tin to distinguish the slight recipe changes I made, needn't have worried, the cakes are like chalk and cheese, I used 1 teaspoon of baking powder and got a really nice cake, in fact I've just lunched on a slice. The ginger pieces pressed into the top give a nice chewy topping and the cake itself is moist and fluffy.

Now off to clean up the kitchen and ponder over the mixer.

Grandies coming for sleepover for tonight..........Yay!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lovely Chicken Dinner

Invited to join the Support Team and Grandies for dinner tonight, the DIL and Grandies have been visiting Nan and Pop for a week, although everyone had a great time the boys missed their Dad and were glad to be home and of course we were extremely pleased to see them, big hugs all round. It was great to kick ball with the boys, hear all about what they had been up to with Nan and Pop, admire another loose tooth - someone will have no front teeth for Christmas- and then relax out on the patio and enjoy a lovely meal.
We will be having the boys for a sleepover tomorow night, gives Mum & Dad some "Them Time" and then off to the school fete.
Took the 2 aprons to give to DIL, the butchers style apron wraps around a fair bit but isn't too bad, as DIL says, its good to have the sides covered as well as the front.....
and here she is modelling the scalloped apron, she was rather taken with this one.

An extravagant Gift and a quiet day at the Cottage

My camera looks like it is not going to return home, its been awhile since it went missing and I have been a bit down in the dumps over the loss.
Last night when the Darling got home he presented me with this
and you can bet your little button up boots that I will not be leaving it laying around, but will be a bit more mindful of keeping it secure.

Not too many gals at the Patchwork Group meeting yesterday as the bus trip down to the Quilt Show in Brissy is on for today. You can see the winning quilts here, and there are some beauties.

The few of us that were there and not doing the wonderful bag workshop with Sue, got talking about dentists and I told of the nightmare trip to the dentist that the youngest had last Thur. He was to have a molar extraction but the dentist couldn't get the tooth out and snapped it off, add to that the fact that the anesthetic wasn't working properly, you can imagine the state everyone was in when I got to the dentists to transport Son off to a Maxillofacial surgeon. I was a bit of a woos and phoned the Darling to meet us there, oh yeah, and to bring a credit card or two.

After some tense times, not to mention some worried looks between patients in the waiting room from the moans escaping the surgery after he finally made it inside, Son emerges with blood down his jaw and onto his neck, turns out this particular surgeon has a bit of a rep for letting you walk out sporting your proof of an encounter..........

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What Iv'e been sewing

I have been bitten by the Apron bug as have so many others, there are numerous sites with free apron patterns but I got this cute Scalloped Apron from Tip
it promises to have a bit of shape instead of straight up and down.

The pattern calls for 1 3/8yds of fabric but I easily got it from one meter, including doubled and turned ties instead of one thickness with rolled hems. I only had one packet of bias binding, not quite enough, so made a little extra from the fabric scraps to use on the smallest scallop panel

I also made this butchers style apron in medium size for the DIL but it is rather on the large size so might not be a success, maybe the green beads will help to win the day.
The posy blocks are still a bit of a challenge, as it turns out there isn't enough variation in the fabrics, they are all too samey (thats not really a word) - now if a ruby beholder had been used someone might have woken up to that, but I was just so taken with the pretty fabrics.
As the 9 patch blocks have already been stitched together from these fabrics I'm a bit am trying different shades of floss to try and bring out the individual flower colours. The block on the left is done with peach and am trying a sandy beige on the other, the blanket stitches also need a bit of work, but practice will fix that. (hopefully).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Posy Quilt

As I paid the yearly subs for the Cottage last week, I am making an effort to have a work project to take along, as I usually machine piece and quilt (in straight lines) something simple was needed. I found a great pattern, "Posy Patchwork", designed by Jody Watkins and featured in Australian Patchwork & Quilting Christmas Issue October 2004.
The pattern calls for nine patches alternating with a floral block, the flowers are to be fused to the background fabric so I thought I would give the 'Charlot's Web' fusible thread a go. There is a bit more to this than just running a machine stitch around the edge of the design.
I found that the large needle recommended leaves visible holes in the flowers, the holes would be covered by the blanket stitch IF the fusible stitching line is close enough to the edge. Some of my lines aren't. oops.
Getting the tension right on the polyester thread is also a challenge. I found that it pulls, gathering the fabric up slightly.

However, I now have 2 blocks ready to take off to the cottage to play with next week, one I machine stitched the web around the edge of the design and one I just lay a circle of the web thread under the fabric, this may not be secure enough to hold the fabric flat while I stitch. Time will tell.