Thursday, October 23, 2008

An extravagant Gift and a quiet day at the Cottage

My camera looks like it is not going to return home, its been awhile since it went missing and I have been a bit down in the dumps over the loss.
Last night when the Darling got home he presented me with this
and you can bet your little button up boots that I will not be leaving it laying around, but will be a bit more mindful of keeping it secure.

Not too many gals at the Patchwork Group meeting yesterday as the bus trip down to the Quilt Show in Brissy is on for today. You can see the winning quilts here, and there are some beauties.

The few of us that were there and not doing the wonderful bag workshop with Sue, got talking about dentists and I told of the nightmare trip to the dentist that the youngest had last Thur. He was to have a molar extraction but the dentist couldn't get the tooth out and snapped it off, add to that the fact that the anesthetic wasn't working properly, you can imagine the state everyone was in when I got to the dentists to transport Son off to a Maxillofacial surgeon. I was a bit of a woos and phoned the Darling to meet us there, oh yeah, and to bring a credit card or two.

After some tense times, not to mention some worried looks between patients in the waiting room from the moans escaping the surgery after he finally made it inside, Son emerges with blood down his jaw and onto his neck, turns out this particular surgeon has a bit of a rep for letting you walk out sporting your proof of an encounter..........

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