Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lovely Chicken Dinner

Invited to join the Support Team and Grandies for dinner tonight, the DIL and Grandies have been visiting Nan and Pop for a week, although everyone had a great time the boys missed their Dad and were glad to be home and of course we were extremely pleased to see them, big hugs all round. It was great to kick ball with the boys, hear all about what they had been up to with Nan and Pop, admire another loose tooth - someone will have no front teeth for Christmas- and then relax out on the patio and enjoy a lovely meal.
We will be having the boys for a sleepover tomorow night, gives Mum & Dad some "Them Time" and then off to the school fete.
Took the 2 aprons to give to DIL, the butchers style apron wraps around a fair bit but isn't too bad, as DIL says, its good to have the sides covered as well as the front.....
and here she is modelling the scalloped apron, she was rather taken with this one.

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