Sunday, October 19, 2008

What Iv'e been sewing

I have been bitten by the Apron bug as have so many others, there are numerous sites with free apron patterns but I got this cute Scalloped Apron from Tip
it promises to have a bit of shape instead of straight up and down.

The pattern calls for 1 3/8yds of fabric but I easily got it from one meter, including doubled and turned ties instead of one thickness with rolled hems. I only had one packet of bias binding, not quite enough, so made a little extra from the fabric scraps to use on the smallest scallop panel

I also made this butchers style apron in medium size for the DIL but it is rather on the large size so might not be a success, maybe the green beads will help to win the day.
The posy blocks are still a bit of a challenge, as it turns out there isn't enough variation in the fabrics, they are all too samey (thats not really a word) - now if a ruby beholder had been used someone might have woken up to that, but I was just so taken with the pretty fabrics.
As the 9 patch blocks have already been stitched together from these fabrics I'm a bit am trying different shades of floss to try and bring out the individual flower colours. The block on the left is done with peach and am trying a sandy beige on the other, the blanket stitches also need a bit of work, but practice will fix that. (hopefully).

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