Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Bikkies - not Cookies

Had a lovely afternoon with the Youngest Grandie and his Mum, they came to visit with Christmas Biscuits all ready to be iced and prepared dough to make lots more bikkies.
While we were in the middle of icing I got a call from an excited Alicia, my SCSS, the last parcel and identity clue arrived today. It has been a fun 6 months.

A picture of concentration

 worms..........maybe tasty?

ooooeeeee yummie

Mum then lends a helping hand

Bikkies iced by Mum

More Bikkes, one iced by the youngest with guidance by mum

Hey, icing solo,doing a good job, especially of cleaning up the spill overs, more yummy for the tummy.

The Eldest arrived in time to sprinkle some sugar on an angels skirt

And so home to make dinner and tell Dad all about it and let him choose just one bikkie for dessert.

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