Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Early Breakfast at Olivers and a play in the Park

Another delicious breakfast at Olivers in Mooloolaba

After another sleep over (gee I'm starting to loose count, couldn't wait for that to happen ) We took ourselves off to Olivers in Mooloolaba for a hearty breakfast, the eldest and Grandad had the fried eggs while I had the scramble with the youngest opting for pancakes, the wait lass put the biggest jug of syrup on the table early in the piece and he just couldn't keep his darling little paws off the jug, those taste buds were working overtime in anticipation.
This little
face says
it all.
Up too late,
Up too early,
and my fave
syrup just
waiting for
a tast test.

That belch of utter repleation seams to have startled another diner.

I done Grandma.

And so off to a walk down the Mooloolaba esplanade to the parks, where a couple of young men can have a great "run around" while Grandad keeps an eye out.
Just running up the down

A little teasing took place.

Hey Mum, you like my Dolphin?, mine Dad will like my red fish thing, cause it squeeks.
Climbing up and gonna go sliding down
Much fun was had climbing up to the platform and using the speaking tube to the ground level, fun trying to get someone down there to listen, they all want to talk
And so off home to play, cuddle dogs, not eat lunch and generally have a good time.

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