Sunday, November 2, 2008

Noosa Springs Golf Club

Big day today, off to Noosa Springs Golf Club for lunch with some special people, first time meeting of the Grandies and the Darlings Cuz D & her lovely daughter P .

We picked up the Grandies, who were all ready and waiting, with skate board, bike and assorted hardware - helmets etc. - for Grandad to load into the back of the X-Trail for a home demo after lunch of the skills honed over the last school hols.

Off to Noosa, lots to see on the way, a bus stuck on a bridge, huge rolls of hay being loaded onto trucks, lots of paddocks with varied coloured cows, even a few black and white as well, and lots of roadworks.

Some people just couldn't wait to arrive, out of the car and rushing ahead to explore and discover.

The 'Cool Guys', in front of the entry fountain.
Mr. "Sooo, So, Cool" & Pup, wearing his new sunnies, purchased after his Dad's birthday breakfast in Mooloolabah yesterday.
Lots of Noosa streets were closed for the Tri-athalon, so we left an extra half hour to allow for detours, yep, we arrive 30 mins early, but the boys had a great time inspecting the layout and gardens of the golf club and surrounds,

And of course, Grandma's new camera had to be put to the test, with B taking this pic of a floral arrangement in the foyer
There were many pics taken of the waterways and waterfalls,
but D's pic of this dragonfly a real winner.We all had a go at capturing this fellow, with him flying away and returning to the same leaf, always with his back to the sun's rays, but D's pic is the best of the crop.

The best discovery was the very steep hill in front of the restaurant, beautifully mown, almost like velvet, leading down to the golf course, well what was a couple of young lads to do but roll down the hill........ many, many times
Grandad of course captured it all on video.
Here they are sitting on the wall, wondering if they can convince Grandma that rolling down that enticing hill would be sooo easy and not at all dangerous and just plain fun......
Well, they did, and roll they did, and they had a great time.
The view from the veranda restaurant, so serene, a great place to visit and the food was delightful.

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