Thursday, November 27, 2008

Beautiful Raffle Quilts and Storm

Talented ladies from the Buderim Craft Cottage Patchwork Group have made these two stunning hexagon quilts with paper pieced hexagons donated by Judy W., one of the long time members of the group.
The quilts were displayed at yesterdays meeting, and will be raffled, guess who will be buying lots of tickets.
The Grandma's Garden is first prize and the purple and green strip is second prize. Hard to pick which one it would be preferable to win.
We had a bit of a storm the Friday before last, just the edges of the nasty one that hit Brisbane and did so much damage, but it was scarry enough as we were on top of a resort in Mooloolaba, cooking up a B.B.Q.

The storm was breaking directly overhead as we hurriedly piled the food onto platters to dash back to the unit, everyone put on a bit of extra speed for the final pack up when a group of old enough to know better, adult sillies decided to have a glass of wine in the spa & watch the storm.

When we finally pulled into the driveway at home, what was there to greet us, the poor crippled Butcher bird, he was water logged and exhausted, but still managed to give the Darling a bit of a nip. Wrapped him in towels, made a little nest on the back deck and next morning he was gone, returning that afternoon looking quite chipper for a feed of mince but I'm afraid we haven't seen him since.

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