Monday, December 29, 2008

Hexagon Fright

It's all very well to have these bright ideas and to design a quilt - or part thereof - around them, but if you don't have the tools (in this case, a 60 degree ruler or perhaps more importantly, the math gene) it can all end up being a bit of a challenge.
Read a brilliant way to make hexagons from 2.5" strips or Jelly Rolls, on someone's blog, but as I was never going to make a hexagon quilt why would I bookmark the page? ..... and I couldn't even remember if it was a regular site I visit or if it was one I just stumbled upon.............oh dear, took days to re-discover the blogger, May Britt's blog 'Abyquilt'. This link takes you to her tutorial, she makes is seem so simple.

As I couldn't locate a ruler, (got one on backorder from iddybiddy, a lovely aussie online store.
I decided that a hexagon template measuring 4" from flat side to flat side and a little fudging would be the go, well no, to order templates you need to know the side measurements.

So while faffing around drawing up a hexagon to measure the sides, and then deciding that a smaller hexagon would be prettier, I manufactured this little beauty from templastic. Hexagon templates not needed, VBG, use that money for more important (quilty) stuff.
I found that a little quilt basting spray schmeered on the rough side of the templastic helped to hold the templates in place when positioning the ruler to cut. It's a 90 degree ruler, no idea what I bought it for, why couldn't I have chosed a 60 degree?
I have now got myself a fine little stack of half hexagons and they are sewing together beautifully, however I can't wait for the 60 degree ruler to arrive because placing the templastic onto the fabric and then lining up the ruler around the edges to cut really is a bit of a pip.
But it all means that I will (well possibly, maybe, with a bit of luck) have my row done for the Row by Row swap due at the end of January next year, sounds so far off doesn't it?, next year, well it's only hours away. Eeeeek! I was going to achieve so much in 2008, well never mind, I'm sure that 2009 will be a great year for achieving.

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